Wednesday, June 27, 2007

compensation at its best

apple pie
orange juice
whistling a tune
shaking hands
jump rope
hard candy
income tax returns
the new testament
extra cream cheese
fresh cut grass

cause pimpin aint easy no'm'sayin?

Monday, June 25, 2007

you fucking dragon

you're everything that breaks me down
that makes me cry and hurts my heart
you're everything that makes me trip
and fight and fuck and fall apart
i hate you more than hate can handle
so fuck the way you look at me
straight in my eyes with whipping charm
you make corruption so damn easy
i'll show you what the fuck is hardcore
i'm a god damn blind survivor
you haven't seen anything yet
just wait till i begin starting fires
i'll work your fucking face off sideways
fuck i hate you the most on bad days
what the hell makes you so good
at poisoning every vein from my head to my toes
you serpent you dragon, you embodiment of corruption
you hold in your hand my demise my destruction
but you won't get the best of me
not if i can fucking help it
i've had enough between the eyes
to know i'm not close to finished
so keep smiling your perfect smile my way
its fucking sickening
you're not that close to breaking me
you fucking dragon, this is just the begining.

keep on keepin on!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

don't think i havent thunk it

Skipping beats, flashing jeeps
I am struggling
Daydreaming, been sitting, the corner cafe
And I'm left in bits, recovered tectonic, trembling
You get me everytime

Why'd you have to be so cute
It's impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It's bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go

Follow you home
You've got your headphones on
And your dancing
Got lucky, beautiful shot
You're taking everything off

Watch the curtains, wide open
And you fall in the same routine
Flicking through the TV
Relaxed and reclining
And you think you're alone

Oh why'd you have to be so cute
It's impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It's bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go

One of these days
You'll miss your train, and come stay with me
It's always say goodnight and go
We'll have drinks and talk about things
And any excuse to stay awake with you
You'd sleep here, I'd sleep there
But then the heating may be down again
At my convenience
We'd be good, we'd be great together

Why'd you have to be so cute
It's impossible to ignore you
Must you make me laugh so much
It's bad enough we get along so well
Say goodnight and go

Why is it always, always

Goodnight and Go

Goodnight and Go!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I Am A Walking Catch 22

and now for some lyrical sex

theres a few things you shuold know before getting closer
its probably in your best interest to know you're
already way out of my league it's pathetic
but don't go so far as to think you'd regret it
its just that i'm more of a pain in the ass
like that kid with the zits in the back of the class
and thats not to say that you'd do any better
it's just that i'm stupid and such a forgetter
but watch as i switch gears and open your eyes
to the upside of drowning and downside of lies
but that still holds no weight to the ways i could kiss you
and make you hold your breath so hard that you wish you
could turn into fingers or earlobes or hips
or where ever you'd find yourself feeling my lips
if you think you feel small in a world full of liars
just wait till i've got you spinning above fires
of hands lips and eye lids and laugh like we're just kids
we'll hide under tables and scream at the stars
and for a minute we'll just sit and know that its ours
this moment this second, this sweating, this life time
this biting and scratching and screaming at night time
to think that a moment this fine could exist
its futile for something this sublime to resist
so fuck it or fight it you're stuck here now with me
i'll make it so hard for your hands to resist me
and when it comes time for this passions denoument
you'll stand like a champ and remember it all went
down just like it did for a without reason or vain
and never forget how we kissed in the rain.

"that was good. and by "that was good" i meant "i'm gonna pour hot oil all over your nipples" and by "i'm gonna pour hot oil all over your nipples" i meant "fuck off!""

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hooks for hands, sluts for eyes, shit for brains and whores for lies

hide and seek - imogen heap

i'm officially better off. than what you ask? couldn't tell ya. but that feeling you get when you dropped the biggest deuce, or when you get out of a hot shower after being in the cold rain all day, or a big glass of water after a super long run. i dunno. it was a nice drive in to the studio this afternoon. the weather was shit. but it helped. low, dark grey clouds, but bright out. listening to the new imogen heap. holy shit. got home from the studio friday morning at 5am. got home from the studio saturday morning at 4.30am. got home from the studio this morning at 5am. its 7pm. i've been here since 4. saw the guys on tv. chris had a cute shirt on. only caught the red carpet. back to work. this is going to be the best piece of work i have ever created in my life. i am so happy with it, and even though its not even finished, to see where everything has come since january to know is mind boggling. famous last words. because if i was to explode tomorow (thats how i've planned it; death by explosion. not IN an explosion, i'm just going to explode) and if that were to happen tomorrow, these will have been the best possible last words i could have ever left behind. a nice long dark drive home last night revealed to me a few things. i've realized just how much this record is everything that i've (in one way or another) experienced in the last 2 years. its incredible. its a sonic timeline. and if that's not convoluted enough for you, i don't know what will be. anyway. back to work. i drink so much tea that i pee (and i've been counting) 7 times an hour. yes.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Funny How Evil Makes Your Vision Blur

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Friday, June 15, 2007

i'll see your prose, and raise you hell.

becareful what you wish for, don't fish for this glass floor;

i'm not the first to sell you this "i don't know what to tell you" shit
but if its gotta be this way, promise you won't get sick of it
cause everything i'm fighting for is just a happy hour war
and nothing here defines me more than busting rules i've broke before
so carry on and just pretend like none of this will see an end
like everything you hope and dream is nothing like you've ever seen
i'll let you think you thought of it, i bet you think i forgot it
but don't let me remind you twice, forgetfullness will not suffice
will not make do or see you through directing me to be like you
i've worked too motherfucking hard to let you play me like a card
to lose a bunch of shit i earned just to make you giggle and squirm
forgive me if i'm on too strong, you won't be standing before long
i'll have you in my arms again make you believe in secret sin
so careful what your wishing for, when hell comes knocking on your door
remember that i told you so, i hope never ever go
away or somewhere close to there and make me miss the way you care
not over 50 million bucks or just a group of stupid fucks
i have no plans of losing you, and so you know you're stuck with me
i won't settle for more than two, i'm better here with less than three.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

so lucky so strong so proud

sometimes when it seems like i work so fucking hard only to win myself a complementary "bang your head against the wall" ticket. i just want to fucking scream. and the best part is that its really no one's fault so that means that, not only do i have no one to blame for the frusteration, i have no one to blame but myself for acting like a complete lunatic. but hey, i guess there's a bright side, the simple fact that i can take a step back, if only for a second, to perpetuate this run on sentence, and see myself for what i am and how stupid i really look with that face on. problem is, its really the only face i have. not to mention my right hand hurts as it is. bones shatter. anyway. back to work. be a big boy. be a man. suck it up. don't let shit bring you down. right? right. peace the fuck out nig*as. i hate ya's all. (but not really)

i hope i'm cut out for this fucking shit.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The News

we'll never stop.
cause we're only getting better.
we're not making this up,
so just write another letter, i'll be fine.

i think the jist of this whole chunk of my life. well, more specifically, lets say the past 6 months, have been sort of a regeneration. i've done and learned so much in the last while its boggling. i've finally had the time i havent had in such a while to slow way down. to remember how much barbeques and arguments and soccer and songwriting and family really mean to me. its been such a deep breath. the time i've had to sit and really think. to re-build some rather neglected relationships. i really feel like a son again, like a cousin again, like a friend again, like a lover again. there-in-lies the tragedy. come 3 weeks from now, it'll be back to the machine. the neverending rollercoaster of everything i've ever dreamed of. but its different this time. i can already tell. the first while away was good. it gave me a thicker skin. i don't feel the sting so much of countless thanksgivings and birthdays and camping trips missed. i get it. i accept it a little more. not to say that it doesnt still totally fucking suck. my little sister is getting married. cousin joely will be soon too. those are definatly things i won't miss. for the world. but i think its the little things too sometimes. the small surfing trips, the soccer games, (all my friends and our girls entered a soccer beer league. its great. all the other teams are super intense and at half times get super hectic speeches from their coaches. we don't even have a coach. at half time its "hey! good to see you! you changed your hair color!" "hey dude! i heard you moved!" "hey brandon, come pick up your cables at my house!" its the best thing ever.) i dunno. maybe i'm old fashioned. but that shit means so fucking much to me. i think maybe because its so real. i've had the opportunity to span a small chunk of the globe and witness how much of it is really just pure shit. cardboard towns and plastic people. i know there is good in the world. and the ammount of good people there are in this world would probably stagger me. i guess i'm only exposed to certain constituencies. i guess its also means i know where my heart is. i think its a stronger root than i thought. but lets not get too carried away. lord knows i cannot wait to stand up in front of the mob and show them what the fuck they've been missing all their lives. don't get me wrong. i've never been more passionate about anything in my life. music. it consumes me. i've got the balancing act pretty close to down. you can't work your balls off monday to friday if saturday and sunday aren't happy. and don't you fucking forget it.

this is barrenst crantsbridge reporting for chanel 6 news. put it in your fanny.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Breakfast In Bed

now maybe i'm a little bit crazy
but i don't think i've got it wrong
I even made breakfast in bed girl
but you've fit more in this bed when i'm gone

how does it feel? to be loved by your enemies, hated by everything real
thats why we don't steal, from the ones in the family, thats not part of the deal

I can't believe i couldnt see through
the way you would lie through your smile
I even made breakfast in bed girl
but you've had your fill on these lies for a while

how does it feel? to be loved by an enemy, hated by everything real
thats why we don't steal, from the ones in the family, thats not part of the deal

so i'm not the one with the problem,
yeah it hurts but my god i'm not dead
and i even made breakfest in bed girl
but you ordered the break instead

how does it feel? to be loved by an enemy, hated by everything real
thats why we don't steal, from the ones in the family, thats not part of the deal
thats why we don't steal, from the ones in the family, thats not part of the deal


crimson and clover - tommy james and the shondells
stay in the light - honeymoon suite
chantilly lace - jerry lee lewis

Friday, June 01, 2007

"___________ That Need To Be Punched"

up first on jakes'

"_______ That Need To Be Punched" List:


btw this list is pretty much things that make me so god damn angry, they don't even need explanations as to why.