Friday, January 18, 2013

A Fine Sequence of Frequency

Zero Consequence Intensity: Remember when a year and a bit went by and we didn't die and every things still fine? This is how we redefine time. Cementing Sentiments: I'm a sham I'm ashamed I'm a fake for the fame I'm a monster in a game with a pathetic ascetic of pain Don't be so hard on yourself, don't be so easy on me. Don't be so quick to assume you're being the best you could be. All socio-psychological disdain aside what's life without a mountainside? Is there a cure for being sick of society? Fatigued by the way most people figure? Tired of the way we're told to think? Wake up Grind Hate it Whine GMO's Dine TV time! ~*<~•loltagmettyl•~>*~ Hate it Whine Repeat Rewind What do you value? Which commercial did you get that idea from? If there's more to life than money and cars, clothes and bars and party's and stars, show it to me. Find it for yourself. Maybe it's not here nestled neatly between iTunes and McDonalds. Maybe I'm okay with that. Collective mentalities lack individuality. And if perception is reality, society's fatality. Keepin it short for the come back, we're on track. Destination: somewhere better. Don't leave without her. can't forget her. Somebody for the same line. Same page same chapter same fucking public library. Gotta keep up if we're getting anywhere Claws and Effect - it's a jungle out there Mother Mother - Bit By Bit