Saturday, July 21, 2007

One Two Three Four. One Two Three Four.

Okay. (space)
Pretend for a minute that i'm real
don't fake what you feel, don't hate what is real,
just take a quick second to believe that your face is gonna heal,

today. (space)
I'm not gonna let myself be,
another tragedy, we don't kill for free,
so make like the west nile virus get the fuck away from me.

No way. (space)
they can't get the best of you,
you're somebody too, somehow it gets through.
i won't let something like this take another part of you.

So let's pray. (space)
and hope to God this isn't it,
it's not gonna fit, we didn't plan for shit,
but if we stop now we'll look worse and then really wanna quit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ya... And...

So that time time when fucking buddy's ol man came back up here took daves bike right. and. and. er'since then we can't even fuckin, you know, fuckin have it out right? cuz fuckin.... dave's ol' ladies' ol' man knows jenny parker right? and. and her brother is the guys who come campin with us when we'd go up past stave lake right? and after, we'd bring out the mudder's right. and. and we'd bringer down to the mud. and just fucking, you know, lock it up right? and just go for a one two three split right? and dave's buddy stole his fucking lighter once right. fuck right jacked. he's old man works up past fuckin, hinton right. ya ya, on yer fuckin way up to fuckin, two hills. but after, like fuckin, come fuckin, fall an shit right, buddy's ol man goes back down through fuckin princton right. fuckin crowsnest right. an and, he'd fucking hammer that scottsdale right up the fuckin middle right. propane conversion. and he'd spend the fuckin winter in fuckin uh, fuckin, quensnel. near port alberni right? ya. an his ol man worked at windy point burger in macloud lake right. one time he sold a widby burger to a buddy uh his. and he got real fuckin sick right. an once he got to the hospital his ol man showed up and said he wouldn't pay for the fuckin medical bill right? so buddy's like "buddy, i'm bunged up man. hurt pretty bad buddy" so buddy's ol man fuckin, hits the road eh. ya. so fuckin, fuck it. more cheers more beers. thats its thats all.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the occasional travesty

i'll let you all be the reason i can't get any closer to myself then where i stand and where i fall. its all the same from half way up so far from bottom and from top. come friday come winter come weekends i'm better. i'm faster i'm higher i'm stronger i'm brighter. i'll stop middle manning all my friends and build my own crab shack half way up and down the same mountain your old man said you should never venture. where t. i. p. be kicking at. i'm sure you all fight the same apathy that disguises itself in a comfy red couch. whispering in your ear sweet little lies. about how not important that sunshine outside is. make sure you can still stand in 5 years fuckers. when ninjas start folding their own laundry you know its time to go for beers with the boys. just ask yourself what would i do without you? you will see its not far off from shooting up behind a dumpster on a monday morning. but kick it like a G. not too hard. just enough to maintain a good high. like a functioning heroin addict. the phone plan junkie: the proverbial evenings and weekends. you on point tip? i already feel like deleting this whole paragraph of shit. i write as if i sat in front of a mirror and just stare in awe at how terribly awsome i am. its the personal propaganda that buying into will only get me killed. or atleast better looking. chick chick... pow.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

keep leading me to nothing

this looks like a mad caper i don't wanna lead and follow. peeling off the wallpaper, waiting for you to swallow. tell me something sweet my dear, make me laugh a little harder. whisper it into my ear, i am not the fire starter. yeah i hold the matches you can smell gas on my fingers. all the dried out patches of grass 12 o'clock the sun it lingers. baking me in to cake or a pastry, or just something sweet i guess. thats tastes so good going down but after leaves you fat and depressed. the question begs though can i stand here. so deep up to my chest in this river. what gives me the strength to hold off even the most severest flow of water. to maintain my footing on an already slippery and uneven ground. so i shut my fists and close them tighter. my smile is dull my eyes no brighter. but here in this place i survive. I am strong I'm relentless. passionate beyond all means. to what end and what service what what place and who's things? its fine though, don't tell me. it should be a secret. we should leave some mystery and eyes to keep it. its cool. so its fine. we've come this far haven't we? so what makes you think we can't stretch our vicinity. but lets keep our heads on our shoulders however. reality isn't going to be this free forever. so slow burn add salt not too light just a grain. and remember to not let this drive you insane. so fuck it. just dress nice and blow cash on shit. don't get loose with your game. be on point and on tip. keep your edge. know your boundaries. don't scared to push them and face consequences submissively. because thats the only way you will ever learn from your mistakes. just never allow your defeats and your mistakes to overtake you. let them be what they are. and react to them however your heart will see fit to do. and never forget to pack heaters or a blades. don't forget to get your own back. first and foremost

incite the riot.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Incite the Riot and Pop Rock the Mother Land

its about time to believe what you're feeling
to not let go of the dream you're concealing
to face all the heat for the sake of a dream
to be burned to the ground where you once felt stronger
and be taken for the bloodless and the broken no longer
as strong as i stand in my heart in my hand
watch me incite the riot and pop rock the mother land.