Friday, June 07, 2013



 a sense of boundaries is realistic
a belief they don't exist, theistic
a fear of limitations, statistic
a perspective of possibility, downright optimistic

***where you go and the steps you take to get there take pieces of present tense***

 what's behind you is important too.

 scratch scratches fire starts with matches they're burning down the world and chopping down with hatchets

 i've been steadier lately. not to say there isn't still a 3 foot chop on the water. but verily i hold fast with a good grip and a grin, through thick and thin. i should call my mom back as soon as i finish this. i ate a startlingly large amount of bananas today, and climbed a startlingly small amount of trees.

 i've been into high school reading level books lately, thankfully they happen to be from the early 20th century when your reading level meant more than a new instagram follower. people said funny shit in the 1920's. they thought even funnier shit. ever wonder what you'll think of how you thought?

* Frequentist Inference

"The critical point about Bayesian inference, then, is that it provides a principled way of combining new evidence with prior beliefs, through the application of Bayes' rule. (Contrast this with frequentist inference, which relies only on the evidence as a whole, with no reference to prior beliefs.) Furthermore, Bayes' rule can be applied iteratively: after observing some evidence, the resulting posterior probability can then be treated as a prior probability, and a new posterior probability computed from new evidence. This allows for Bayesian principles to be applied to various kinds of evidence, whether viewed all at once or over time."

 belief should be subjective, but, subject to change

 i fell in love with a keyboard, it kinda feels like the first time, but for now its banana time

 thats some good shit