Friday, March 07, 2014


your heart is a time bomb my love's an american express card. this world is a pool hall my head is a que ball. fact is mythology dreams are misogyny. looking each other up and down with sheer terror is a college degree. music is noise, sound is clatter, interests don't peak, mountains get flatter. darkness is peaceful and comfort is void, inspiration is ruin and commitment - paranoid. happiness is shallow and nothing runs deep like the river of regrets now swallowing your feet, so hurry and pray to a god that never existed, for a chance to go back to that moment resisted, that second you should have just done without thinking, before you found out this pirate ship's sinking, but down to the bottom with crooks and the liars where nothing could drown out the sound of the fires - chocolate impostors, shallow marshmallows, graham cracker thin shells just som'whores in the hallows.