Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes she made the quota, cause I'm like Ray Liotta


Purple Haze - Diplomats

i'm glad i've got you, you're the only one i can count on.

you make get me high
you get me by
i thought i knew strong
i thought i knew unbreakable
i do know
i do now
there could be everything against us
but with nothing between us
we're unstoppable, unbeatable

i see what you really are
take me where the wild things are

could you love me?
oh can you imagine.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

go time show time let them all know time


where the hell have you been?


around where?

you know, just around i guess

doing what?

jesus, well, where to start?

the beginning maybe?

good call.

well, standing atop a fire hydrant on one foot holding a tray full of dinner plates with expensive steak dinners for everyone but me

balance eh

right on

thats it?

thats its!?! do you have any idea how difficult all that fucking bullshit is?

oh poor you, life's so hard

well fuck, its a lot to deal with

could be worse

could be better

how much better?

i'll let you know when i get there

how you doing with it all

good now, prioritizing well

good to hear

better to accomplish

well shut the fuck up and get atter, there's still ducks everywhere