Saturday, April 12, 2014

watchu know bout it

i hate that i can't say your name
and that's never gonna change

its always going to feel like the sun on a hot day
never gonna be where you want it

hasn't stopped me
hasn't held me down
hasn't kept me back
hasn't changed my resolve

when you go to far you find out after,
when you push too hard, its the hindsight that burns

just to push it aside and say leave it behind you
pay the toll in one hand and set the bridge on fire with the other
the comically cursed, the tragically tried

if you knew you were no good for anybody would you admit it
if you thought you've reached levels of mistrust and incident transcending relatable connection
would you tell somebody

or would that defeat the purpose

every single day i wake up and the sun is out i smile. nothing has stopped me in this regard. it could be growing up in a rainy town and taking advantage of every single ray of light as it appears. an application of social convention worth following through with at any rate.

maybe i only look forward cause looking back doesn't hit me the same. maybe it never has. not that we care now. not that we should worry as we barrel headlong into whatever the hell may grasp us at our core and rip new and blissfuly large holes into whats left of our hearts.

the last thing you should do when you're stranded in the woods is panic. the first thing you do when you panic in the woods is run. some how in life, that's all i ever want to do. if  you can't keep up, you can't stop me. if you can't stop me, don't try.