Monday, March 08, 2010

olympic jackets

up here in your tower, how unstoppably fine. how understandably just like you imagined it. even the sun shines like on tv. what gives this elasticity its credit? the same binding hopes of not needing anything more. our trust in this is the hope we have in ourselves.

i don't know why i can't describe what i feel when i'm positive it's real. the only sense i seem to be certain of is my sudden lack of articulation. the way innocent and uninformed european children bounce a ball on a cobblestone driveway is the same way i explain my most convicting intentions.

it hasn't been cold at night in a really long time. the mornings haven't been that bad now that i think of it. didn't know you could watch the sun rise with east facing windows. makes you forget which end is up sometimes.

i'll navigate just fine. if i can see your light. you shine so bright.

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