Saturday, March 24, 2007

water street

so here i am. on a warm saturday afternoon. day 6 in a row. day 6 of 14 hour days. its going great. greig nori is in the jam space right now mixing a few pre-pro demos we did yesterday so i thought i'd stick my big italian nose out from our dungeon of a jam space. we've turned our practice space into a mini recording studio as we pre-produce the songs before jumping into the studio. we're super excited at how great these songs are sounding. oooh, and we may or may not have written quite a few bangers for you guys these last few days. greig has been doing an incredible job. we're right now in the process of choosing which studio to record at. do we want the hustle and bustle and beautiful bc charm of the downtown vancouver. or do we want the green, west coast feel of white rock bc. right on the beach. we'll see. for now i'm gonna decide what i want in my coffee, what sweat pants to wear to the junos and what to put in greigs coffee so he breaks out in hives. miss you guys alot. see you sooner than later. below are a few shots of the sunny historical gas town area where we jam. how can you not love this city.

thai is the new japanese.


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

buy one get one half off

free. half off. free. 2 for 1. ssssNAP. 1337. theres nothing i can say, to make you stay with me, so don't forget to lose my number.

hey. HEY YOU. this has been a long time comming a long time comming
it's me. AND YOU. i know i've been a long time running a long time running.

you and i had a dream it was us against them back then.

its hard to know you're broken when you're falling so high.

it will never be to late to let the lights stay on for safety. lights on for safety. and get one free. whoooooaaaa.

new faith in this record.

confidence and a bit more pride.

excited. italian salami. freeze dried for longer flavR savR



keep your eyes pealed for the zrr. heavy hitter. he is a musical jenius.

support. blucka.

new triathalon bike? hell yes....

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