Monday, November 26, 2007

Hello Cruel World

This is baby Darla. Darla is an 8 week old Border Collie x Pit Bull. She is a rescue dog from the SPCA. Her and her 7 brothers and sisters were found at approx. 3 weeks old in a card board box on the side of the highway in Abbotsford. She's is now the member of a happy home. MY happy home. Darla likes chasing her red ball, sleeping in my bedroom in front of the big mirror closet door on the spot where the sun shines through, and chewing news paper. I've had a few dogs growing up, but this is the first dog I am going to have to take care of all by myself. Baby Darla is precious and I love her. Cash gifts only please. Thank You!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

There's Really No Way To Reach Me

It's great, I think i've finally become capable of discipline. i AM a rock. i AM an island. a human island. with a boy's ambition and a heart of gold. i stay the same age and the jokes keep getting old. hooks for hands, whores for lies. It's great i feel better. i act better. i'm stronger. i'm better. the bricks get piled higher, and i sit back even farther. comfy. security, how warm and welcoming the perfect calm of security. there is no greater pride than in being loved. and there is no greater emptiness than to have everything. i am no walking billboard. no posterboy.

10 fingers 2 eyes and a heart of demise.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Alcohol, you can be my girlfriend,
You carry all, and get through this weekend
We've seen it all, now you're my best friend
We've gone too far, just to impress them, and you know it's not
So long as we've been bleeding but as long as we keep needing one another,
We'll be just fine.

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