Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pages on Cages


walking nimbly wishing quietly hoping secretly secretly hopeful
she walked like the wind might act if it had as much confidence
she dreamed as if the universe lay around in her in a complete lack of definition
"ask me what i think of you" she dared the planets
"dare me to do as i may" she coaxed the stars
rivers of strength like blood in her veins courses the purity of her indignation
unstoppable, unquestionable, fallible only by her own desire
limitless, uninhibited passion like infinity
stemming from the depths of a heart like an ocean
she only looks at you when she sees through you
translucent souls we surround her like planets in a universe
an ornately decorated garden of lust and love and need
the long lists of poor souls devoured by her amorous residual glow
casualties of a nameless beauty we only wish we could know
a desert sky of a smile
a life flashing before your eyes of a kiss
what anybody would give to not miss
summertime sunset highway hearts never forget
a bird in a cage is still a wild animal
fingertips find what they look for
with the determination of a runaway
with the destination of some other day
with aspiration of some other way
she'll write your name in the sand where it all began
and forget you as simply as a wave washes it away
no telling no say no begging don't pray
goddess wrote the bible on finding a better way
then she smiled a gangster smile the kind that lasts for ages
then she rolled up and smoked every single one of those pages

*hey pretty lady nice hand bag, why the pursed lips?