Wednesday, February 10, 2010


this is the first and last time i'll ever quote someone else on here, i just felt this was too important not to share.

"To those who use this word all too frequently: words have meaning. Language is important. When you confuse the definitions of the words "epic" and "good," you leave yourself stranded when it comes time to describe something truly amazing that you have not yet experienced, like sex IRL. Please refrain from using the word "epic" until you encounter a WTF that is truly OMG. If you won't be describing it to your grand-children, it isn't epic.

EDIT: I agree with so many of you who argue, quite correctly, that language can neither be controlled nor redirected with posts like mine from earlier today.

Some of you are purists, linguists, and descriptive grammarians. I consider myself to be one of you, even if I cannot wear this post as a badge of proof. I, too, believe that language is a naturally evolving creature that needs not our improvement.

Others of you seem to aggressively attack any threat to the memes that you hold so dear. Perhaps you think that if the memes die, so might you. For you, I hereby coin the term "Stay at Home Fapper" to describe your many, many contributions to our community."

thank you