Sunday, January 10, 2010

god damn song

i'll sail the seven seas and if you cater coastal words
then this is all i've ever wanted and its all you've ever heard
stand and fight for me here and if not than go along
if i am not the man you wished for you were god damn wrong

kill another fire fly and classify the fire
if we stand beneath the curtain then we walk across the wire
step a little closer to the cold believing line
and if it seems its getting hotter then you're god damn fine

so peel away the summer and the stains under your skin
and if you can't get over all of this then nobody can win
and if it stays another week another laugh another stall
another make belive mistake another god damn call

handle if you care another another look another stare
cause this is all you've had alone and this is all that you can bare
and so my hands are never quiet if your heart can never wait
if we can stand we're better off we'll never god damn break

they'll kill us for the loving then they'll burn us for the pain
but this is nothing worse than missing you in cold december rain
here i'm safe so keep my secrets not just for my foolish pride
and if they ever hurt you dear they'd better god damn hide

so staying up for hours had us all begone for years
and that cold stare would never last and finally turned us into tears
just an hour just to say its just the glory gone a stray
now we are never gonna waste another god damn day

these are not my first intentions, if i can't be undesigned.
if you can't keep a single secret then your soul has been refined
and if it takes you any closer to the eyes of life and time
then you can sell us all the truth in dirty god damn rhymes

take another step into this old familiar world
and this is all you get for asking out a pretty little girl
and we are never gonna stop if this is all you wanna taste
and you can stare at me for hours in this god damn place